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PLEASE NOTE: Case Search has been replaced with the Clerk's new Online Record System.

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Joseph E. Smith, St. Lucie Clerk of the Circuit Court

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Updated 8/26/2016

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Material posted on this web site is provided for informational purposes only. It is subject to change and may be updated periodically. While the Clerk of the Circuit Court for St. Lucie County, Florida ("Clerk") has attempted to preserve the accuracy of the online version of the index, this online index is not the official index. The complete and Official Public Records Index of St. Lucie County is available at the St. Lucie County Courthouse. The Clerk makes every effort to ensure that the posted information is accurate, it possibly may contain factual and/or typographical errors. Consequently, the Clerk makes no representation about the suitability or accuracy of this information for any purpose and makes no warranties, either expresses or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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Deputy Clerk Professionals are prohibited to give "legal advice" or "practice law" as defined under Title 28 U.S.C./ Section 955. Therefore, Deputy Clerk Professionals cannot:

  • Explain the meaning of a specific rule
  • Make an interpretation of case law
  • Explain the result of taking or not taking an action in a case
  • Answer whether jurisdiction is proper in a case
  • Answer whether a complaint properly presents a claim
  • Provide advice on the best procedure to accomplish a particular objective
  • Help complete forms, or advise what is legally required when a form elicits information

Deputy Clerk Professionals can provide information such as:

  • Instructions on how to execute a task (e.g., number of copies, use of forms, etc)
  • Provide information as to compliance with this Court's policies
  • Provide information that can be found on a case docket

July 12, 2002 - Clerk Of Circuit Court St. Lucie County

On or after October 1 2002, any person preparing or filing any document for recording in the official record may NOT include a social security number (SS#) in such document unless required by law. Any person has the right to request the Clerk/County recorder to redact/remove his or her social security number, bank account, credit, debit or charge card number from an image or copy of an official record that has been placed on such Clerk’s/County recorder’s publicly available internet website. The request must be legibly written, signed and delivered in person or by mail or facsimile to the Clerk/County recorder. The request must specify the identification page number that contains the social security number. No fee is charged for this service.